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Our immigration counsellors keep themselves updated with the rules and regulations in terms of immigration and visas policies of different countries from time to time.

RH Global is India's emerging VISA, MICE & Travel consultants. RH Global foundation was laid with a small idea that incepted in the minds of its promoters, which they believed had the potential to become a successful business in the future. We have a large list of successful and satisfied clients. At RH Global, we provide assistance in securing all kind of visas along with providing the complete travel assistance. We believe in providing world class services to our clients. Our skilled professional and expert visa and travel counsellors are the face of our organization. We provide dedicated and timely service to our customers.

Our team knows when visas are required, and how to obtain them as quickly and easily as possible.

We ask you to pay at the point that you order your visas unless you have entered into an agreement with us that supersedes these terms and conditions or you have an alternative arrangement with us in writing. In the absence of any arrangement with us, The Visa Machine will not begin processing your visa applications until payment has been received.

Our refund policy is 3 tiers depending on how much work we have already done and how much money we have already given to the Embassies:

If you have not sent in any documentation for processing, you will be entitled to a full refund of all the Invite/Embassy and Visa Machine Ltd administrative fees.
If you have sent in your documentation and processing has been completed, you will be entitled to a full refund where no Invite/Visa has been obtained, but no Visa Machine Ltd administrative fees.

In ordering your visas, you should understand that getting visas is a slow process and each visa can take 1.5-2 weeks to obtain, further that there is no completely accurate way to provide timings for visas as Embassies can change the rules at any time.
We will endeavour to obtain your visas and deliver them back to you in the quickest time possible.

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